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Dynamic/Rocking Thai massage:
Moving into stillness

About Remco

Remco is teaching Thai Massage, body work and Yoga for more then a decade.  Over the years he developed a style where bodymechanisms, movement and a listening/mindfull touch plays a center role. In all his teaching he tries to inspire his students to be more fluid, more intuitive, creative and to improve their quality of touch. Over the years he helped many students to become better and more succesful therapist

His own Journey started 18 years ago when, after a carreer in advertising, he moved to Asia (Nepal, India, Thailand) and emerged himself in Bhudism, Yoga and Massage. His first massage training, 20 years ago, was zen shiatsu, which incorperates a lot of movement and rocking. After that he intensively studied Thai Massage. Although he studied with many teachers his main inspirator was and is Master Pichette.
Over the years Remco started to bring more and more movement and rocking in his massage also inspired by other practicioners. He developed a very fluid, intuitive and free flowing style which resonates with lot of students and clients. A style which is dynamic, fun and joyjeus

Remco is founder and the main teacher at Blue Garden,  a massage and training center in Chiang Mai Thailand, which over the course of almost 10 years is an wel established name and well know for the high quality of teaching. At the moment this is where Remco is mainly teaching from.


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